Big State Remodeling closes their doors

Big State Remodeling closes their doors

Amarillo, TX - Customers are raising concerns after a local business filed for bankruptcy and closed their doors.

Big State Remodeling potential owes millions of dollars in debts.

The business along with its president Randy Reid, filed for bankruptcy January 27th.

We spoke to a customer, Sam Standridge, who says, Big State owes him thousands of dollars.

"I had dealt with Big State previously, good job. And I went to them expecting a good job, good workmanship and it wasn't, from day one we were suspicious.

Standridge paid to have his kitchen and bath remodeled by big state, but he says they never finished the job and kept their down payment.

"My wife went through a year of pretty extensive treatment and so our goal when she got done with that was to remodel our kitchen and our bath. And I went to big state,  I wanted a good quality job, I work full time and I didn't have time to oversee the project. And personally I'm let down. It hurts."

NewsChannel 10 has received several calls from customers experiencing some of the same problems.

Reid says last spring's hail storm was a major burden to their business and closing their doors was the only option.

"Because other people were not so honest and didn't think they needed to pay their bills, it was a trickle down effect. And so they got the short end of the deal and that I'm very sorry. I will do everything I can through the bankruptcy process and through the creditors to make sure that everybody that feels they got short changed will have every dime coming back to them."

Big State's accreditation was revoked from the Better Business Bureau in October because the company failed to take care of  underlying causes of complaints made by customers.

A creditors meeting is set for both cases on the February26th, 2014.