City of Fritch faces problems with sewage treatment plant

City of Fritch faces problems with sewage treatment plant

Fritch, TX - The City of Fritch is having some major problems with their sewage treatment plant. State inspectors were in Fritch this week and they found some alarming violations with the city's plant.

The plant's race track, which circulates sewage to decompose solids, is at a standstill. The wheels that move the wastewater around the track are broken and need to be replaced.

The city rented aeration tanks from Pampa to help stabilize oxygen levels in the sewage, but city officials said chemical levels are still not meeting government standards.

"The levels are at 40 percent now and government parameters are 20 percent. So they are twice what they are supposed to be," said Interim Public Works Director Ronnie Morrison.

Inspectors cited a failure to collect soil samples around the plant to make sure wastewater runoff is safe for the environment once it is treated. They also cited a failure to calibrate the meters that measure the amount of chemicals in the sewage.

 Morrison said the city is making changes at the plant so it runs efficiently and meets government standards. He hopes to have everything up to par within a month. If it's not, the city will have to pay a fine for the violations.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10