Pitfalls of online floral purchasing

Pitfalls of online floral purchasing

Amarillo, TX - If you're thinking about sending some flowers this Valentines Day there could be pitfalls shopping online.

An easy way of ordering flowers is to go through wire services like "1-800 flowers" or "tele-flora"...but these places don't actually put your flower arrangements together.

What people don't know is the orders they get from consumers are sent to local flower stores throughout the country. The problem with this is the flower orders don't always match the value to the flower stores.

"When we accept their orders, they know that we can only fill it to what the price of the flowers is at the time. If the people would just call the florist , deal with them personally, you can get the most beautiful arrangements. It's fun to look at the internet and pick out something, but that doesn't mean the product will still be available," says Mary-Ruth Albracht with Scott's Flowers.

"The wire services or order gathering services like '1-800 flowers'...is a lot more about volume and transaction," said David Terry with the WTAMU Enterprise Center.

The wire services take their fee first before sending the flower order off to the flower shops, so the consumer's money isn't getting them exactly what they paid for.

If you want to send flowers to a loved one it might be best to call a flower shop in that area to avoid those wire service fees.