Effects from drought still hurting Texas

Effects from drought still hurting Texas

Texas - Although the drought may technically be over in Texas, researchers are saying those effects are still being felt across the Lone Star State.

Climatologist say Texas emerged from our historic drought nearly three years ago. But if you look across the state, there still isn't enough water.

Texas is struggling with the brunt of a year long drought that hit the lone star state back in 2011. The impacts of record-breaking heat and years of low rainfall are now being felt years later.

More than 50 percent of the state remains in some level of drought. But, researchers say the 2011 drought is not officially as bad as the drought that stretched through the 1950's.

However, our current state could be worse. The state's population is now much bigger than is was back then, and water resources have not grown as quickly as the state's population has. Put those together, and things start looking scarce for Texans.