WT students help raise money for those in need

WT students help raise money for those in need

WT students are showing how much a goat can help a those in need.

On April 9th, 2013, hundreds of WT students will build shacks and camp out on campus.

The director of Buff for Christ, Kent Mereness, says they are trying to raise awareness about poverty.

"The purpose of Shack-A-Thon is to paint a unique image of  poverty on the WT campus. We invite students to come out, build a shack, live in it over night and hopefully that will give them some awareness of what it might be like to have to live in a shack."

It is all in an effort to raise enough money to buy goats for those suffering in Northwest Kenya.

Shak-A-Thon is partnering with the Christian Relief Fund to purchase the goats.

The president of CRF, Milton Jones, says donations will go a long way.

"If somebody gets a goat, then they have it for milk, they can breed that goat and it can become a goat for business, they have food to eat, they have nutrition that they did not have before. It can provide some money to come in. So maybe the children can get to go to school and they would not have been able to go to school without a goat.

A WT student, Jill Bramlet, working on the Shak-A-Thon staff says this event differs from other events on campus.

"It just brings all the organizations at WT together, you just see campus ministries, you see people in Greek, the radio station, they all come out to build a shack and it just cool to see everyone come together in that way."

Every $50 donation covers the cost of one goat. To make a donation you can visit the Give-A-Goat website at www.wtgiveagoat.com