Canyon High School sees boom in agriculture education

Canyon High School sees boom in agriculture education

Canyon, TX - Agriculture is booming at Canyon High School.

Over the last three years the Canyon High School Agriculture Program has gone from about 100 students to a current enrollment of around 300.

"I feel like our area is very important for our growth, in other places not as much, I feel like a lot of students that are not in ag feel that we're all corn and cattle, but that's really not what it is," said Tanner Bolton who is a Junior at Canyon High School.

"Our Ag Program is really diverse and really unique, we have a lot of students who are involved in AG Mechanics, and we have students who are involved in Floral Design and students who are involved in leadership and development," Jeff Klose who is an Agriculture Science Teacher at Canyon High School said.

Because of the growing popularity of the Ag Program at Canyon High School they are constructing a new ag building which will open in August of 2014, which will allow for more space for the students to learn.

"The new building is going to be a tremendous help to us just by spreading us out, giving us more space to work on more projects at one time and we can better tailor projects to the interest of the students," explained Chance Rhoderick who is an Agriculture Science Teacher at Canyon High School.

The Agriculture Program has also gotten a lot of encouragement from the community as some of these students may graduate and join the workforce there.

"The community knows our program is really growing and will benefit the community and so sponsors like Western Equipment have come and started giving donations to our chapter to help us with those programs as we move forward into the new building," Klose said.

But the biggest impact has been on the students.

"I wouldn't have joined it if it wasn't the last elective choice I had as a freshman and it's probably the best decision I ever made in my life," Bolton said. "I wouldn't have half of the things I have now if I wouldn't have joined Principles of Ag my freshmen year."