League of Women Voters hold reception for Potter, Randall candidates

League of Women Voters hold reception for Potter, Randall candidates
AMARILLO, TX - We are now less than a month away from the primary election in Texas and there will be some close races.
Though quite a crowd turned out to hear from Potter and Randall county candidates at the Amarillo League of Women Voters "Meet the Candidate" reception, LWV President Rose Lee Powell forecasts turnout at the polls to be low. 

"It's just distressing to think people don't realize the importance of voting for their local people," Powell said.

Potter County has two big races in the upcoming primary with five Republicans running for County Judge and two Republicans for County Court at Law Judge number one.

Randall County has two Republican women trying for County Clerk

"We just need to know what's going on locally, it all starts right here," Powell said.

Federal and state offices could be shook up come March with two Republicans running against Mac Thornberry for U.S ReprU.S.ntative, and a Republican challenging Kel Seliger for state senator.

Leo Bibles with Amarillo's Black Coalition of Democrats says he hopes voters pay attention to those races cecause wbecauses elected will shape the future of several hot issues in Texas.

"Education, our criminal justice system and also, since we're one the border, immigration. We need to know where the candidates stand on immigration," Bibles said. 

The League of Women Voter's non-partisan voters guide is meant to let voters know where candidates stand on certain issues for state wide races and local ones.

"I think the governor's race is going to be one of the hottest races," Bibles said.
"I think the Potter County Judge will be the most exciting race," Powell said.

Below are the contested races for Potter and Randall counties:

Potter County Judge:
Bill Bandy (R)
Debra McCartt (R)
Jeff Poindexter (R)
William Sumerford (R)
Nancy Turner (R)

Potter County, County Court at Law Judge #1
Jeremy Fowler (R)
W.R. "Corky" Fowler (R)

Potter County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2
Nancy Bosquez (D)
Richard Herman (R)

Randall County Clerk
Renee Calhoun (R)
Tiffany O. Pearson (R)

U.S. Representative, District 13
Pam Barlow (R)
Elaine Hays (R)
Mike Minter (D)
Mac Thornberry (R)

State Senator, District 31
Primary Election: Mike Canon (R), Kel Seliger (R)
General Election: Winner of Primary (R), Steven Gibson (L)

State Representative, District 86 (Randall County)
Abel Bosquez (D)
Four Price (R)