Students scoring higher on AP exams

Students scoring higher on AP exams

Amarillo, TX - Local efforts from schools in our area are helping students on advanced placement exams.

Students taking AP classes have also increased, nearly doubling over the last decade.

A local AP high school teacher at Randall, De-Vonna Clark, says pre AP classes have helped boost test scores on AP exams.

"Statewide there has been a push to increase enrollment in AP courses, but also it is the pre-AP programs that are preparing more students for that level of work. There has always been a top 10-percent that was prepared for college level work in high school. But we are really working hard to start to identify some kids that may be able to identify that at an earlier age."

The vice president of enrollment at West Texas A&M says advanced placement classes better prepare students work ethic for college.

"Because of the rigor, because of the depth of the course, it is designed to be college level it is a consistent curriculum across the nation. It is going to help them do better in college."

Clark says there are so many advantages for students to take AP classes before college.

"Take as many AP classes as you are capable of and go into college with that under your belt and you really will have an easier time when you get to school, and plus an AP test is much, much cheaper than an actual semester of college".

Recent efforts by school districts have made AP classes more available to low income students and families.