"Vial of Life" stickers to soon be available in Hutchinson County

"Vial of Life" stickers to soon be available in Hutchinson County

Borger, TX -A simple sticker and magnet will  help first responders more easily save lives in Hutchinson County.

This sticker will soon alert emergency personnel in Hutchinson County to vital information about a patient.

"The Vial of Life, it gives patients that we run on, they can put medical information, contact, their doctor's name, information we might need when we get on scene that they're not able to relay to us, they might be , unconscious, whatever the case may be," said Jason Pender who is the Public Education Chairman for the Hutchinson County LEPC.

"They are provided free to the citizens and they can fill out what home medications they have, DNR, medical problems they have and they stick it either on the refrigerator or in the refrigerator," Monica Marshall who is an Emergency Room Nurse at Golden Plains Community Hospital said.

The kits come with a sticker to place on your door to alert emergency crews to look for the vital information on the patient's fridge.

The information will either be in a plastic bag on the outside of the fridge or inside a medicine bottle inside the fridge.

First responders say this will benefit them as well as the patient.

"I think it will make the job a whole lot easier just because the information's there, we can help the patient better, we don't have to ask some of the questions that are routine, we can just, we already have the information, and say if they are unconscious and are unable to answer questions, we'll be able to know what medications they're on and any medical history," said Pender."Any information that we can get that we don't have can make the scene a whole lot better."

Hutchinson County residents can sign-up for the kits now, but they won't be available for ten more days.

To sign-up just visit the Hutchinson County LEPC Emergency Notification Facebook Page or call Carie Richards at (806) 274-1210.