Local ministry loses thousands in burglary

Local ministry loses thousands in burglary

Amarillo, TX - After money and electronics are stolen, a local organization that provides meals for the homeless says they won't let the losses stop them.

Burglaries set City of Refuge back thousands of dollars.

City of Refuge near 10th and Adams is a ministry that feeds about 6-thousand meals a month to the homeless in our area.

The pastor, Casey Dumas, says nine days before the break in, his garage, which houses tools and items for City Refuge was also burglarized.

"So we feed a lot of people and we do a lot of work and it takes a lot of money to do that. So to take money literally out of the mouths of people ... for whatever reason is just unbelievable"

The Amarillo Police Department says it is important for businesses to make sure they have inventory of all the items in their store, in case a burglary does occur.

"Unless we have a serial number to go with that item and a description of that item, then even if we catch someone with it, we can't make a case against them. So whenever we talk to a business about security, we always talk to them about making sure they have some sort of a security management type person."

City of Refuge says even though the burglary has been a set back, they will keep their business going.

"We are going to bounce right back, and get right back to it. We are not going to let it slow us down. So it is just too much to lose ... Too many people to feed ... we have not stopped service not one bit."

The organization is asking for volunteers and donations until they are back on their feet.

If you would like to donate, you can call City of Refuge at (806)331-1891 or drop by before 11 AM at 613 South Adams Street, Amarillo, Texas 79101.