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Panhandle Area Turners Society and the Freedom Pen Project

Bob Caraway Bob Caraway

Canyon, TX - There are days set aside to honor and pay respects to our serving military members and to those who never made it home. This weekend in Canyon NewsChannel 10's Stacy Sakai spent time with one group that proves you don't need a designated holiday to show you care.

They are brothers and fallen heroes. This weekend a group of men in Canyon joined in a nationwide effort, The Freedom Pen Project to send a piece of home to those far away.

"I was in Vietnam and anything we used to receive from what we used to call the world, I don't know what they call it now in Afghanistan, but when we would receive a package from the world, we just thought that was a wonderful gift, so that's how I think about it," said Bob Caraway.

"To me it's a way of saying they're not forgotten and we're taking some time to specifically remember them and then send it to them and tell them about it," added Bob Stewart.

The Panhandle Area Turners Society spent the weekend turning and hand crafting pens. The process is personal, every pen is different, made at the hands of men who care to be used by the hand of men who serve. To date The Freedom Pen Project has shipped over 70,000 pens overseas.

"And after their service they take it home, and it's something that reminds them of what they've done and where they've been. And the people at home, and we support them," said Terry Vogel.

"I think they're doing a great job. I think that they're sacrificing more than people know, family-wise, health-wise, I just think they should be held above everything else," says Jim Farris.

The Panhandle Area Turners Society have participated in many other community service projects.

If you are interested in learning more about or joining their society they have a facebook page and they say they welcome newcomers.

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