From Wine to Water

From Wine to Water

Canyon, TX - Eleven West Texas A&M freshmen have been selected to travel to Uganda in March, after more than 300 applied.

A chance to make a difference in this world and the opportunity to be engulfed into another culture are just a few highlights for a group of WT freshmen who are about to travel across the world in hopes of helping a village in Africa with water needs.

The "Wine to Water" project was created by Doc Hendley, who is also the author of the book. Hendley started this project in hopes of raising awareness and funds for clean water projects and the students getting to participate in the trip couldn't be more ready for the journey ahead.

The "Wine to Water" project will have the students helping build a water well in a village in Uganda as well as teaching the importance of using and maintaining clean water. The students are eager to be immersed into a whole new culture and are looking forward to the new experience lying ahead.

The students begin their journey on March 6th and are hoping to keep in touch with residents of the village and see the progress of the water well efforts.