Local poison center relocates

Local poison center relocates

Amarillo, TX - The Texas Panhandle Poison Center has a new home in Amarillo.

The poison center recently made the move from Northwest Texas Hospital to the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Pharmacy because the hospital needed extra space for their ER.

Poison center officials said having to relocate was actually a good thing. The center has been operated by Texas Tech pharmacy professors since 2003, and not being located on the school's campus had its downfall. "We were pretty isolated over there," said TPPC coordinator Robbi Rivers.

That is no longer an issue, and now students will have more exposure to the center. "We will have more student interaction here," said Rivers. "They are closer to us here and we will see them more often then when we were at the other location."

The center will serve as a clinical site for pharmacy, nursing and other medical students. Those students will use the center to practice assisting people with drug overdoses, poisonings, snake and spider bites and other medical emergencies.

"This really provided further opportunities, not only for our faculty and students, but also for the other communities to be more engaged with the poison center," said Thomas Thekkumkara, the acting dean for the School of Pharmacy.

The poison center said relocating to the school's campus was a natural fit.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10