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Greg Abbott wants the state's criminal appeals court to reconsider striking down a law

Amarillo, TX - Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott wants the state's criminal appeals court to reconsider a law that was stuck down banning sexually explicit online communication between adults and minors.

The law would ban sexually explicit online chatting between adults and minors, as well as phone calls and text messages.

The state's top criminal appeals court struck it down in October, citing it violated free speech.

Cyber exploitation of children has been a top issue on Abbott's political agenda.

A WTAMU professor, Dr. James Calvi, explained to us why Abbott is trying to get the court to reconsider.

"Gregg Abbott is asking the court to reconsider because he said his office was not notified of the case and therefore his office did not have a chance to defend the law."

Calvi explained to us why it is not likely Abbott's request will have any affect on the court.

"I don't think it will have an affect whatsoever, the opinion was a 9 to nothing decision and whenever the court makes a unanimous decision like that it is highly unlikely that they are going to reconsider their decision."

A local computer expert, Andrew Brandt, says there are still ways for parents in our area to protect their children online.

"The first step is, you do want to talk to your kids about what they are getting online. And the second step is looking into network based coverage security measures for all your devices at home, and make sure that any computer on the network is protected and not only against some of this illicit material, but predators that could get to your children on some of these chatting web sites and things like that." 

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