Woman set to be executed in Texas

Woman set to be executed in Texas

The execution of only the 14th woman in the United States is scheduled to take place in Texas Wednesday.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeal and a federal judge have refused to delay the execution of 59-year old Suzanne Basso, making her the 14th woman in the country and only the 4th in the state to go to the death chamber.

Nearly 1,400 men have been executed since the death penalty resumed in 1976. Basso was convicted of the 1998 death of Louis "Buddy" Musso.

She was accused of torturing him to death to steal his money. Musso's body was found in a ditch outside Houston.

Basso's attorney argues that she's not mentally competent enough to be executed.

Even though her attorney lost an appeal at a federal appeals court, an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court is still possible.