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Obamacare could mean less jobs for Americans

Could Obamacare mean less jobs for millions of Americans? That's what a report by the Congressional Budget Office is saying.

More than two million full-time jobs would no longer exist by 2021, according to a report just released by the Congressional Budget Office about the Affordable Care Act.

Millions of Americans in the work force would reduce hours or quit their jobs entirely because of President Obama's health care overhaul to continue to be eligible for federal health care subsides or Medicaid.

Chairman of the House of Education and Workforce Committee, John Kline, has said "it's the latest indication that the health care law is destroying full-time jobs." But the white house has responded saying, any possible reduction would be due to workers voluntarily leaving, not businesses cutting jobs.

The report still predicts there to be less people sign up under the Affordable Care Act also than previously expected. It states a big reason is still due to all those website issues during it's launch.

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