Community service program benefits Moore County

Community service program benefits Moore County

Dumas, TX - One county is saving money and helping communities at the same time.

About three years ago the Moore County Jail was overcrowded, so they came up with what they felt was a creative solution for some of those convicted of minor crimes.

"Mainly the Class A and Class B Misdemeanors...if they have a traffic violation or a failure to appear in FDA, they might can also do this program," said Moore County Judge Rowdy Rhoades.

The program allows participants to work off their sentence instead of sitting in jail.

"This program operates on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, they come in about 8:30 they get to go home about 4:30, so they get to go home to their family, they are free on weekend," Rhoades explained.

The Offenders do anything from working at the airport to helping out at the landfill.

"Mainly hands on stuff, I have a really neat maintenance department, really good supervisor, he'll use as many as we can cleaning anybody can clean," said Rhoades.

In addition to saving the county money by not having to feed or house these people in jail, it also helps participants by moving them in a positive direction.

"We've actually started contacting local small business and when we get somebody who can come through the program that's maybe just had some rough times, has done exceptional in the program, we'll actually refer them to one of these businesses for employment when they complete the program," Tommy Brooks who is the Emergency Management Coordinator for Moore County said.