Winter weather slows local law enforcement response times

Winter weather slows local law enforcement response times

Amarillo, TX - Dangerous road conditions caused problems for local law enforcement on Monday.

Amarillo police responded to about 40 wrecks all before noon. The department added eleven officers to help handle accidents, so they had 30 officers total.

Even with the extra help, police say the volume of calls they received spread their resources thin and increased their response times, which are normally about eleven minutes for priority calls. "We handled 24 accidents between 8 a.m. and noon," said Sergeant Brent Barbee. "That's an accident every ten minutes. You have to remember it takes about ten minutes or more for an officer to drive from one place to another place, especially in this weather. We can't drive any faster than anyone else and that adds to our response time."

Sergeant Barbee said the dispatcher determines the priority of the calls based on accidents with injuries and other crimes that happen, which is why response times for non-injury accidents can sometimes take a while.

The APD is anticipating bad road conditions throughout the week and will add officers on staff as needed.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10