More funding for preschool programs in states

More funding for preschool programs in states

Government funding for preschool has been growing in many Republican lead states, including Texas, all despite budget cuts to other areas.

Some are saying it could be a step towards a new educational entitlement, the right to preschool. Texas is one of three states with the largest increase in preschool funding, with a nearly $48 million increase.

Funding to help families afford preschool took cuts during the recession. But now, states are seeing a surge in funding when it comes to early education. And it's come even as congressional Republicans have blocked a quest by President Obama to pour tens of billions of dollars into preschool programs.

But, fewer than half of those old enough to attend preschool across the nation do according to reports.

This has come as a shock to some because expanding funding is happening in states where there has been a push to cut expansions for things like Medicaid and opposition to the Affordable Care Act.