Area fire departments come together to create a wildfire action plan

Area fire departments come together to create a wildfire action plan

Fritch, TX -  Area fire departments are working together to keep our communities safe during wildfire season.

Fire departments from Hutchinson, Moore, Carson and Potter counties along with the Amarillo Fire Department, are coming together to prepare for what they predict will be a severe wildfire season.

"We've got several circumstances that are putting some of the cities at risk because of unusual amount of moisture over the past year has grown up a lot of vegetation which is fuel for the wildfires," said Danny Richards who is the Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Borger and Hutchinson County.

"The Park Service is the first ones that came up with the plan because on the Park they noticed how the lake was drying up and all the fuel loads were going up," Chief Ronnie Morrison with the Fritch Volunteer Fire Department explained.

The main purpose of the plan is to make sure each fire department knows the best way to respond in other counties' areas.

Each department is given a notebook with information on where fire hydrants are located in the other counties, along with maps of the area, escape routes and safety zones.

"Everything we can put together to make it a safe plan, we've got in that plan and will have, all the area departments will get a copy of this plan, when they do come to Fritch, they will also get another copy to take out with them when they go out to fight the fire," said Morrison.

Tomorrow firefighters and volunteers will be traveling door to door throughout the City of Fritch passing out Wildfire Action Plan packets to residents to help them prepare in case of a wildfire.

"We're beginning in the area around Fritch and Lake Meredith because it's our opinion that they really are at risk because of the topography and also the way that all of the housing developments are," Richards said.

Morrison says while this is the first Wildfire Action Plan he knows about, he hopes it may set a precedent for other counties.

"Every county would like to have on just like this and I think after we get ours through, it will be a model for other counties to come up with their fire plan," stated Morrison.

Wildfire season usually begins in March, but with the dry conditions we are already experiencing they say we're already vulnerable.