Students opt out of buying textbooks

Students opt out of buying textbooks

Amarillo, TX - College students are finding alternative ways to save money while going to school. Students are foregoing textbooks for their classes because most are finding other ways of finding the material. More books are being offered as electronic books on tablet devices.

A professor at West Texas A&M, Duane Rosa, Ph.D., says he has seen more students this semester without textbooks and the driving force is a rise in prices. "So the textbook market has gone so up and textbook market is the publishers, there are fewer and fewer publishers now and those remaining publishers have a greater control of the market. So they can raise the price of the text book and forces the student to look to other options."

One WT student, Oscar Funes, says they wait to decide at the beginning of the semester if they are going to buy the book. "It depends on the class, to see how important the book is for the class. For example a professor in my math class, we don't need a book, he has everything online. So it is depends on how much I'm going to use it and actual costs.

Another West Texas A&M student says they are finding other ways to help cut the costs of books. "Well in a lot of my core classes, people don't buy books and we share them, because a lot of them are expensive. For several classes I have you have to have 4 books, up to 4 books and they are all expensive. So we buy less sometimes"

However, according to Rosa student's purchasing books online, may actually not be saving. "The advantage of the used textbook is at the end of the semester you can sell it back. So actually for my class it works out to be more cost effective than purchasing the electronic book."