Guymon Fire Department Receives New Fire Truck

Guymon Fire Department Receives New Fire Truck

Guymon, OK - There is a new tool in the toolbox the Guymon Fire Department can use to help keep their community safe.

It still has that new truck smell and shiny new exterior.

The new fire truck will help the Guymon Fire Department reach new heights by being able to save people and fight fires in building that are over two stories tall.

"All of our hotels are over two stories, all of our downtown, main street Guymon is more than that, so there's lots of businesses in town, Walmart, our big producer in town, they all need that, so it is a great asset," said Guymon Fire Chief Dean McFadden.

The ladder truck is the first in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

It will help the Department by allowing them to do things they couldn't do before.

"We've had several train derailments so it would have allowed us to apply an elevated master stream,"Assistant Fire Chief Andrew Barbosa said.

"We can get down on top of fires...and rescues with you know the university right down the road we can go if there is a big fire," explained McFadden.

The new truck will require many hours of training as this is a new experience for everyone including the Fire Chiefs.

"It's a learning experience for me as well as for them, lots and lots of hours ahead of us to make sure we're safe," said Barbosa.

"They're going to be driving it all over town just to see where they can go, where they can't go and just to get good at it, it's kind of like a football team, you got to practice to be perfect and we try to be the best," McFadden said. "It's all life safety at the end we all want to go home so this is just another tool in our toolbox to help us do the job".