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Update in Rigo murder trial after three days of testimony

Joshua Rigo Joshua Rigo

Pampa, TX - New evidence has been presented after three days of the murder trial of Joshua Rigo, an Amarillo man accused of killing a Lefors woman.

Evidence presented by a Texas Ranger involved in the investigation reveals blood evidence on some of Rigo's clothing. Prosecutors say there was blood on Rigo's pants, another spot on his boots and a third spot on one of his socks, which positively matched DNA from murder victim Kristi Slatten.

Working with our media partners, the Pampa News, we were able to see that testimony also revealed that on January 1st, Rigo called his ex-wife to say that he loved his daughter and may never be able to ever see her again. Rigo made a similar call to his sister in Nebraska.

Rigo's father, Daniel also testified, saying his son had called wanting to bring some guns and knives over, for a Christmas gift. The District Attorney later pointed out the guns were taken from Slatten's home.

Other evidence, like Slatten's underwear being found in Rigo's pocket, and Rigo being pulled over driving Slatten's car were also presented.

According to autopsy results, Slatten was beaten and strangled. The defense is expected to present it's case on Thursday.

Colleen Nelson, NewsChannel 10.

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