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Bond election to decide fate of Moore County hospital

Bond election to decide fate of Moore County hospital

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DUMAS, TX - An area hospital is in need of millions of dollars in upgrades and is asking the community to decide if they want to rebuild.

Right now much of the Moore County Hospital does not meet code and the hospital board says it would be easier to build an entirely new hospital than to upgrade the current one. A lot has changed since the hospital was first constructed.. "The core structure of our facility was built in 1948," Hospital CEO Jeff Turner said.

Turner says as modern medicine developed and improved over the years, the rural Dumas hospital did not.Though it continues to be the go-to location for general medical and surgical care in Moore, Hartley, and Sherman counties. "Outside of the workflow issues, which certainly are significant for us, we have infrastructure issues that are of concern," Turner said.

Patient rooms are just one of several items in a list of things that don't meet modern codes. The patient bathrooms are too small to ever become ADA compliant. Original sewage pipes are decaying, the electrical system is outdated, and small quarters in office and work spaces cause concerns over privacy.

The Moore County Hospital District board estimates the cost of renovating at about $38 million. The cost to build a whole new facility $40 million. Hospital board member Tom Ferguson says he believes voters will approve a bond to front that cost. "That puts our tax rate lower still than many of the communities our size," Ferguson said.

If passed, the bond would cost taxpayers $11.50 a month for thirty years. A fair price to pay, the hospital says, to attract and maintain rural doctors and promote a healthy community. "Is it worth $11.50 a month? That's the question our board has put in front of our community," Turner said.

The total cost of the bond is $49 million, $9 million of which would build an assisted living facility that the county currently doesn't have. The bond will be put to a vote on May 3rd.