Structure fire causes over 60 elderly people to evacuate retirement home

Structure fire causes over 60 elderly people to evacuate retirement home

Over 60 elderly people in Hereford, TX had to be evacuated because of a structure fire.

No injuries were reported at King's Manor and fire officials are still investigating a cause of the fire but they did confirm that it started in the kitchen area.

Fire officials say they received a on January 28, 2014, around 10 PM on the structure fire.

All the patients and staff were then evacuated to Northwest Elementary School across the street.

The Executive Director at Kings Manor, Shelly Moss, says all the residents have temporary places to stay and some area retirement homes are housing them until they are opened back up

"Right now the residents are all safe, right now we have a meal plan for the next three days until we find out what the fire department says about the building. Luckily the building is mostly smoke damage there was a small contained fire in the kitchen, it is just a matter of getting the smoke out of the building, so that is phase 2"

The fire Marshall, Dean Turney, said the community really came together to make sure residents were safe.

"The fire department, the police department, the sheriff department, EMS, everybody pulled together. You know when you have people in a situation like this, you know it was too cold for them to be out there. The school brought buses over to bus the patients even over to the school. Everything worked out really well the community really came together."

King's Manor says having a disaster plan already in place really helped them get through the situation.

"It is something that you just think we are doing as an exercise in paperwork. But then you don't realize until it happens and how many times have we heard that? But when it happens, you are so grateful that someone  insisted that you do that"

Officials say they should know a cause for the fire soon.