Eleven Pantex Security Police Officers released

Eleven Pantex Security Police Officers released

Amarillo, TX - B&W Pantex, have filed an "Unfair Labor Practice Charge" with the National Labor Relations Board against the Pantex Guards Union.

The charge  was filed following the release of 11 Pantex Security Police Officers after they reportedly called in sick.

B&W Pantex says the 11 officers called in sick on January 21st to avoid participation in a drill, which was scheduled to happen during that shift.

In a statement B&W says, "B&W Pantex believes this was an unlawful job action and a violation of its collective bargaining agreement with the union. Despite the actions of these individuals, the Pantex Plant remained safe and secure at all times."

We left several messages with the Pantex Guard Union for a statement and did not receive a return call.