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Patient information compromised at Texas hospitals

Reviews of some of Texas' hospitals are showing your private information may not be kept as private as you think.

A newspaper's review of state records has uncovered five incidents in the last six months where patients' health records have been compromised at 10 of the state's public psychiatric hospitals.

An employee was fired at Big Spring State Hospital after she allegedly walked out with health records of 50 patients. A folder containing 47 pages of personal health information with names, diagnoses and treatments was found in December in a trash bin off the property.

Other incidents around the state include a San Antonio hospital discharging a patient with someone else's information, including prescriptions and medical information.

At an Austin hospital, patient records were left on a TV stand, and were picked up by another patient.     

The Texas Department of State Health Services have said they can't believe this has happened. They have said they are doing everything they can to figure out how exactly these incidents have happened, and are doing everything they can to prevent them.

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