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Farm Bill may pass this week

The end may be in sight when it comes to passing the U.S. Farm Bill.

The Washington Post is reporting the $1 trillion U.S. Farm Bill could be finalized as early as Monday and passed within days.

The Farm Bill that has been stuck in Congress for nearly two years could be filed by Monday evening according to reports and information from senior house aides. The five-year bill could cut up to $9-billion in funding for food stamps, or the SNAP program over the next decade. But, a main discussion of the bill has moved to the dairy industry.

There have been concerns over ending price controls, which some say have been driving up the costs of products and is costing tax payers money. If the bill is finalized and gets filed, it will go through both the House and the Senate for approval.

Reports coming out of Washington are saying the bill is expected to easily pass through both.

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