Amarillo SPCA sees increase in pets dropped off during winter

Amarillo SPCA sees increase in pets dropped off during winter

Amarillo, TX - Animals are always being dropped off at the Amarillo SPCA, especially during the winter months.

The winter months can be busy for the animal shelter for a variety of reasons.

"Part of that is the cold weather, and dogs that are left outside get loose and when they get loose they have a stray so people pick up strays all over town," said Patti Amador who is a Volunteer at the Amarillo SPCA.

"A lot of people sometimes lose jobs, change positions, move to different places, different towns and we get, we see a lot more animals dropped off at our facility then," Debra Hall who is the Manager at the Amarillo SPCA said.

And when people get into financial trouble, the SPCA says they will get rid of their pets since they can no longer afford them.

"Sometimes we have little dogs, puppies dropped off outside our doors, litters of kittens, we had maybe a couple of months ago a litter of six kittens in a box dropped off," explained Hall.

This causes the shelter to become crowded and they begin to run out of room for the animals.

"It affects us by the fact that we may not have any room at all and then we're having to double up on dogs or double up cats to be able to take care of them because we're a no kill shelter so if it shows up here we're going to take it," Amador said.

The shelter says this is why they are constantly encouraging people to adopt.

"Sometimes people come in and adopt , we'll see maybe 3 or 4 adoptions a day, sometimes people will come in and maybe we only have one adoption a day," stated Hall.

"If we don't move these animals out then it just makes it harder on us."

In order to encourage adoptions the SPCA holds adoption specials.

The next one is the Adopt-A-Thon which will be from February 14th-16th at the PetsMart on Soncy in Amarillo.

Dogs and cats can be adopted for $85 instead of the regular $100.