Randall County residents say illegal dumping is a problem

Randall County residents say illegal dumping is a problem

RANDALL COUNTY - A local family says they are fed up with illegal dumping near their home after two cow carcasses showed up three days ago and have yet to be picked up. 

Right now the Randall County residents are hoping the carcasses finally get cleaned up Friday morning, after they made several calls for help. 

Regina Kempf and Kris McGalliard live just outside Amarillo city limits near 34th Street and Lakeside Drive. 

Both say they normally like taking 34th Street all the way into town, until Tuesday when they drove past two gutted, bloody cow carcasses.

"Horrid, just horrid sight. It's grotesque. I mean, it's disgusting," they said.

The cows lie near the road just off 34th between Whitaker Road and Lakeside. Kempf's two elementary age children saw them. 

"They were very upset first of all because of the cows had died. Second because they looked horrible. Fresh blood and all," Kempf said.

Both women say they called Amarillo Police first, and were referred to Randall County. Kempf says she was told a deputy would "check it out," but she's unsure if anyone ever showed up. The cows were still there as of Thursday night. 

"We called yesterday, we called today, never could get anything done," Kempf said.

NewsChannel 10 called Randall County and was told they do not pick up dead livestock and usually forward people on to an animal bi-product company. 

"They haven't given me any number to be able to call to get assistance," Kempf said.

NewsChannel 10 found the number for a company in Hereford and gave it the women, and the company told them they would pick the cows up Friday morning. 

Though the women are thankful, they say it doesn't solve the issue of illegal dumping in the area.

"We've had goats and a calf," Kempf said.

The women say they don't have room to adopt any more of the alive abandoned pets. 

Randall county says they have never picked up dead livestock and don't have the capability to. As for illegal dumping, the county said there was nothing they could do.