Flu may be contagious even after you feel better

Flu may be contagious even after you feel better

Amarillo, TX - It may be tempting to return to work or school right when you start feeling better after the Flu, but that may not be the best option.

Even though you might be feeling better after the Flu you could still be spreading it to those around you.

"The recommendations from the CDC and the local Health Department are that, if people have Flu like symptoms they need to stay home without a fever for 24 hours, off of the Tylenol or the Motrin, usually 5 to 7 days total shedding time," said Dr. Todd Bell who is a Physician at Texas Tech.

And while you may be taking medicine to combat the Flu, you are only treating the symptoms and not the virus itself.

"It's helping you to feel better, not changing in the case of Influenza how infectious it is and it's not changing how long that virus is going to be there," Bell said.

It's also important to make sure  you are treating the right illness since Flu and Cold symptoms are very similar.

And Health Officials say the virus can be different for anyone who has it.

"Depending on the situation of individuals we also advise that if we're not sure how far you've gone, you might need the doctor to treat other secondary symptoms that may come as a result of the Flu," said Prince Ogbanna who is the Owner of SouthPark Pharmacy.

"Just give it time and honestly that is the cure all of most Influenza infections, just giving it time," Bell said.

Bell says he believes we have passed the peak of Flu season here in our area.

However don't let your guard down, he says we can still expect to see more cases of the Flu through March.