New regulations proposed for child car seats

New regulations proposed for child car seats

Children may be more protected in their car seats if new regulations are approved by the government.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will be proposing Wednesday child car seats must protect children from side impact crashes.

New tests on car seats would simulate a "t-bone" crash. Research listed in the proposal states that many child deaths and injuries occur in side-impact crashes. The agency believes new car seat standards will prevent the deaths of at least five children and 64 injuries a year.

The tests are said to be the first of it's kind. They will use sleds to simulate crashes that will measure not only acceleration, but also the door crushing in towards the car seat.

The public will have 90 days to comment on the new regulations.

The regulations won't be made final or go into effect until after the agency has reviewed all comments and addressed any concerns. Manufactures will then have up to three years to make any changes.