City of Clovis searches for new airline heading east

City of Clovis searches for new airline heading east

Clovis, NM - Airline passengers may soon be able to travel East from Clovis.

The City of Clovis is currently taking bids from airlines to replace Great Lakes Airlines when they end service.

"Proposals went out, I believe they are due back in on February 12th, and we hope to find a carrier that will provide eastbound service as well as possibly service to Albuquerque," said Chris Bryant who is a Public City Commissioner.

Great Lakes will be cutting back their service before they completely stop in March or when the City finds another Airline to replace them.

"The Airport is not closing, it's just going to take a little time for us to put something back in place, that' for the city and for the community," Chris Bryant said.

As they search for a new Airline to replace Great Lakes, residents are hoping that the new Airline will help them travel back East.

"The main thing is for the fact that if we can have something leave out, more of Denver, Dallas you know places that will go more out of more beneficial , so I think it's very important that we have an airport," Resident Alfred Bryant said.

"I think it's critical to have an Airport in Clovis, idealistically if we had something to support the base, that would go from here to Dallas, here to Denver, here to larger communities," said Resident Vera Wood.

"Hopefully we'll find somebody that's interested in going eastbound, maybe Dallas/Fort Worth Area, as well as maybe going from here to Albuquerque, as well, so we'll be able to provide I think more flights in and out of Clovis than what we have in the past, it will just be a matter of time before we can get that set up and moving along," Chris Bryant said.

The City says they already have one airline interested and believe they will have more as the February deadline to submit bids approaches.