Area residents march for MLK

Area residents march for MLK

Amarillo, TX - Area residents remembered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Monday afternoon at NAACP's Annual MLK Parade.

Amarillo police led about 150 people on a two-mile march from Bones Hooks Park to MLK Park.

NAACP officials said the march symbolized the marches of the 60s. One local pastor said events like Monday's parade are important to keep the memory of the past fresh in the minds of younger generations. "The roots are trying to dry and they need fresh water," said pastor Joe Taylor.
"What I mean by that, is we need to regenerate to educate our people where we come from as a country."

Once parade participants reached MLK Park, they gathered at the MLK memorial statue to hear motivational speeches from members of the community.

Some of the speakers urged those in attendance to always have a dream and to never stop believing.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10