American Red Cross releases pet safety app

American Red Cross releases pet safety app

Amarillo, TX - The American Red Cross has recently released a new app that could help you save your pet's life.

The app has step-by-step instructions for numerous first aid emergency situations for both cats and dogs.

"From how to treat allergic reactions, what's normal, to checking and even CPR, the information is all in this app. The Red Cross works daily to ensure our community is better educated to respond to emergencies, both large and small, and this app provides the knowledge to ensure we can help our four-legged family members as well," said a spokesperson with the American Red Cross.

It also allows pet owners to see what is normal for their animal, so if something abnormal does happen, they can recognize it.

Additionally, the app not only provides instructions, it also has photos and videos, which show the owner what to do until they can reach the vet's office.

"It gives you ideas to kind of triage your animal until you get to a veterinarian, I mean there's no substitute obviously for emergencies, just like in people, you're going to go to the emergency room if you have an emergency, same thing in animals," Dr. Jenna Barber who is a Veterinarian at Swann Animal Clinic said.

Barber says the video feature will be very helpful for pet owners, because it can show them exactly what a situation looks like, instead of her having to try to explain it over the phone.

The app is available for iPhone and Android and costs 99 cents.

In addition to the app, the American Red Cross is teaming up with the Texas Travel Center to offer a Pet First Aid/CPR class on April 26th.

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