March primary ballot preview

March primary ballot preview

On March 4th voters will decide the Democratic and Republican candidates, who will go head to head for Texas governor.

This will be the first open election for governor since 1990. The primary ballot will include candidates for Congress, Texas governor and other statewide positions, the Texas Legislature, and local officials such as Potter County Judge and county commissioner positions.

The League of Women Voters were out registering people in Amarillo. Rose Powell with League of Women Voters says even though this is not a presidential election it is still very important. "The state is very important. The state passes lots of laws that affects us in general and of course our local officials are extremely important because the directly affect us ... so it is just very important."

The League of Women Voters will be out Saturday January 18, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at three United Supermarket locations, The Amigos store at 3300 I-40 East, the River Road store at 3400 River Road and the store at 4701 S. Washington.

To vote in the primary you need to become registered by February 3rd. You will also need to register again if your address or last name on your registration card has changed.