Government spending bill benefits panhandle

Government spending bill benefits panhandle

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - A $1.1 trillion spending bill was passed by the House, Wednesday night, and approved by the Senate on Thursday.

The bill that will fund the Government though September, offers benefits for the panhandle.

"It was a very strong overwhelming bipartisan vote for a change. I think that's a positive thing," said Congressman Mac Thornberry, in a phone interview Thursday afternoon.

Congressman Thornberry voted to approve the bill, which will help prevent cuts from the Department of Defense, directly benefiting Bell Helicopter. "At Bell, they would be able to build 3 fewer V22s this year if that were to happen. That translates into jobs. We were able to prevent that," he told us, about the possible cuts if the bill had not been approved.

The money will also boost Nuclear Weapon programs by 3% across the board, helping the Pantex Plant.

Back in December, we heard from Home Depot who was stocking up on incandescent light bulbs. The reason being, after January 1st, it became illegal to manufacture them. Now, they will no longer have to worry about it. "This bill says the government can not force anybody to stop making the old style light bulbs. This aught to help make sure that companies can continue to manufacture the old traditional light bulbs and people can continue to buy them if they want to," Thornberry said.

Rural post offices will also no longer have to worry about being shut down, benefiting area post offices like Sanford, who has been in jeopardy of closing in the past.