Amarillo Bulls looking to stay fresh in first place

Amarillo Bulls looking to stay fresh in first place

Amarillo, Texas - The Amarillo Bulls are back on track now with a seven game winning streak after just losing seven in a row.

The Bulls still have a long way to go in the season, and the defending national champs who are currently sitting in first place have no room for complacency.

Head Coach Dennis Williams told us he wants his guys to continue to mix things up and stay fresh. "We're going to tweak a few things you know still, because you got to keep their minds thinking. You know, I think everyone this time of year thinks it's a physical side, so everyone kind of tapers back on their schedule. But for us right now, we kind of want to switch up a few things before we get to that last 10, 12 games of the year and show a few different looks for the playoffs," Williams said.

The Bulls are creating some space in the South Division. They have a 10 point advantage on second place Topeka, and Wichita Falls who is not too far behind either. But as mentioned, they can't get too comfortable and slip back into another losing streak because that first place can still be up for grabs at this point in the season.

The Bulls will be in action next on the road against Wichita falls on Friday.

The Bulls have not so great on the road this year, but if they can pull out some wins that will add a bit more room for them because Wichita Falls is nipping at the Bull's heels for the South Division lead.