Perryton boil water notification

Perryton boil water notification

Perryton city officials are still advising the community not to drink the city water.

The entire city continues to be advised to boil their water vigorously before drinking.

The superintendent, Robert Hall, closed all of Perryton's schools because they did not have a way of getting water to students and faculty.

They do plan on having school tomorrow and spent the day making plans with United in order to get water to students.

"I have just over 23-hundred students and about 360 employees. So we have 2 bottles of water for tomorrow and 2 bottles of water for employees. If it takes more than I have Fridays reserved and I can get more before Friday"

Perryton ISD says they also have water coming to the kitchens and will start boiling water in the morning to use for dish washing.

We spoke with the city manager, David Landis, about when Perryton can expect the notice to be lifted. "We will be pulling samples from our water system this afternoon and doing testing, hopefully we will have the test by Thursday night, Friday morning and if the tests are good we can lift the band"

While they are advising to boil water before drinking it, they say showering and running your washer and dryers should be fine.