Job postings on the rise

Job postings on the rise

Amarillo, TX - Hundreds of more jobs are available to those looking for work in the Panhandle.

"Workforce Solutions" tells us there are over 800 job postings currently available, which is higher than the average of around 500.

The most recent figures show the unemployment rate in Amarillo is at 4.1 percent, which is below the national average of 6.6 percent.

Currently Amarillo has the third lowest unemployment rate in the state of Texas.

We spoke with the Director of "Workforce Solutions" in Amarillo today who tells us people looking for jobs is on the rise.

"We always see people after the first of the year who have a renewed energy in terms of job seeking, that's always the trend, whether or not there's the matching job postings that's always the question and I would say this year is probably better than we've seen in most years," said Trent Morris who is the Director of "Workforce Solutions".

Morris says the biggest challenge they face is finding the candidate with the right qualifications for each job.

Because while there are numerous jobs, there are not always many applicants meeting the basic qualifications.

Also, small businesses are seeing an increase in job openings.

The West Texas Enterprise Center tells us their 46 client companies have seen good sales over the past year.

Mainly due to the companies exporting their goods and services, which brings money back to the Amarillo economy.

They also tell us they have a seen an increase in the number of jobs needed within those companies.

"Over the course of the last year we've had the privilege of working with 46 client companies, we have seen job growth in those 46 companies, nearly 100 new jobs for 2013," Jeff Reid who is the Incubator Director at The West Texas Enterprise Center said.

And while they have job openings, it's been hard to fill them due to the competition with oil companies.