Pantex praised for contamination cleanup efforts

Pantex praised for contamination cleanup efforts

Amarillo, Texas - Pantex's efforts are being praised when it comes to their cleanup efforts of contamination. The first five-year review is in for the Pantex plant.

Pantex is being reviewed as part of the National Superfund Cleanup List which it was added to in 1994. Efforts to clean up soil and groundwater contamination at the site has been effective so far according to the review.

Pantex was added to the list because of past site practices such as burning chemicals in unlined pits, burying waste in unlined landfills, and emptying waste into on-site surface waters. The cleanup process at Pantex is said to continue for years.

Pantex is the nation's only plant for assembling and disassembling nuclear weapons. Contamination was found in the soil and a shallow aquifer near the plant when it was first added to the Superfund Cleanup List.

A top goal is to keep contamination from reaching the Ogallala Aquifer, the Panhandle's major source of water for municipal, industrial and agricultural use.