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City of Fritch increases water bills

Fritch Interim City Manager John Horst Fritch Interim City Manager John Horst

Fritch, TX - Starting this month, utility customers in Fritch will see an increase in their water bill.

City of Fritch utility customers will notice an additional $12 added to their water bill this month.

We spoke with the Interim City Manager today who tells us the extra $12 will help the City pay back the money they owe for purchasing the water system.

"We're in the low part of our water sales season right now, it'll start picking back up in March, so with the additional sales, we anticipate that (happen) every year and the $12 we should be able to satisfy the debts," said Fritch Interim City Manager John Horst.

Horst  tells us they have approximately 2,200 utility customers in Fritch.

And they hope by adding this additional charge it will allow them to generate around $25,000 more a month.

They say they need to make approximately $450,000 by August to get caught up on their debts.

One resident we spoke with tells us she understands both sides of the issue.

"I think $12 is a lot to ask of each person in this town, but I also know that we're in such a bind that it's going to be hard to get ourselves out of it," Shelly Cannon who is a Fritch Resident said.

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