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Small farms diminishing

Amarillo, TX -  The struggle for small farmers in our area and across Texas has become increasingly worse.

Small to midsize farms in Texas, those under 2 thousand acres, continue declining at a rapid rate.

With a combination of the rising cost for farming equipment and risky weather patterns, a growing number of farmers are leaving their land for opportunities in urban areas.

Dr, Stephen Amosson with Texas A&M Argillite Extension Service in Amarillo say, the stakes are just a lot higher now for smaller farms.

"The profit margins are relatively low, so to make a living doing this, you really have to have about 3 irrigated sections or up to 5 dry land sections in order to make a living. Otherwise, you know, you are going to have to be a part time farmer and work your way into it."

Amosson says the price for agricultural land in Texas has risen significantly.

Adding another incentive to those considering selling their farm.

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