West Texas A&M explores new technology in classroom

West Texas A&M explores new technology in classroom

Canyon, TX - West Texas A&M is experimenting with new technology this spring semester.

The Department of Communication is using Google Glass in some of their media classes starting on Monday. The technology is so new you can't even purchase it without an invitation from Google.

One of the university's professors was lucky enough to receive an invitation last month. The invitation gave her seven days to decide if she wanted to purchase the glass for $1,500.

"It was our CIO, James Webb, who said he would fund it because it is a good investment for the university," said professor Emily Kinsky. "So we paid for it within the week, and it was here by December 10. I've been able to start exploring with it."

Kinsky said she will be using the device in some of her classes that focus on how technology can benefit the media. All of her students will be able to wear the glass, take pictures, record videos and browse through the available apps over the course of the semester. Each student will also be required to create their own app for the device.

Kinsky said she is still exploring all the ways Google Glass can benefit her students this spring.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10