Apartments for veterans in need

Apartments for veterans in need

Amarillo, TX - Area veterans in need are finding some relief thanks to two service organizations teaming up.

All of today and starting tomorrow January 10th, 2014 at 3, impact futures is teaming up with "Veterans for Veterans" service organization, to renovate apartments for vets without homes.

An area vet helping with the event says projects like this mean so much to veterans in need.

"To put a roof over someone's head, to give someone something so basic, that they fought for  ... you see it in the faces of the people that you help every day and it makes such a difference."

LaViza Matthews with Impact futures normally works with area kids to reduce substance abuse.

They say they decided to broaden their program because there is a growing need to help veterans dealing with substance abuse issues.

"One thing that we noticed is that when veterans come back from being in the military is basically they have to find a way to transition. And if they can't do it through exercise or family support ... A lot of times they will self medicate .. using or abusing different substances."

The president of Veterans for Veterans, Eric Smith, says there are more homeless vets in Amarillo than the average person is aware of.

"There are tons and tons of homeless veterans out there. If they knew how many veterans were out there, they would be appalled, they would be sick. Some of these individuals are out there by choice. But the majority of them are not out there by choice. The majority are out there are legitimate, they can't get the help from the government that they need, so they are out there"

The veterans will get the apartments at a discounted rate.

Home Depot has donated all the supplies for the repairs.

Volunteers are encouraged to come out and help with the apartments they are working on.

They are located at 7th and south Jackson in Amarillo and once again work resumes on January 10th, 2014 around three.