Experts say now is the best time to test for Radon Gas

Experts say now is the best time to test for Radon Gas
Source: Texas Department of State Health Services
Source: Texas Department of State Health Services

Amarillo, TX - People are ignoring a danger in their homes.

The Texas Panhandle is at a Medium Risk for Radon Gas Exposure which can cause Lung Cancer if not caught and treated.

"It's the second leading cause of Lung Cancer of course second to smoking," said Mike Dougan who is the CEO of Inspection Consultants Group.

Radon can seep into your home through cracks and walls, build up over time and reach unsafe levels, especially during the winter when doors and windows are not frequently opened.

"EPA set a danger threshold of 4.0 picoCuries, so EPA says anything over that is a danger level, therefore the house has to be mitigated," Dougan said. Experts say if the house isn't mitigated then the Radon Gas can cause harm to everyone in your home."

If you breath it in and it starts to decay then it becomes a solid with a charge and it attaches to your lung and as it decays, you get all the radiation from that decay," said Doyle Price who is President of Radon Technology LLC.

You can easily test the Radon Gas Levels in your home by going to your local hardware store and picking up an at home testing kit.

"Based on our experience the charcoal canisters you buy at the home center or those you can order online, those are typically plus or minus 20 percent, our Continuous Radon Monitor that set(s) in the house are plus or minus one percent," Dougan said.

So since at home kits can give varying results, if you get a high result from an at home kit it's best to get it checked out by a professional tester who has a machine which can read the levels more efficiently.

"We set them in the room for 48 hours , minimum which is the EPA protocol as it takes the reading then it will print out right on the spot," said Dougan.

The EPA says many people are still not testing their homes.

So you should do a quick at home test, and if your home does exceed the safe level of 4.0 picoCuries per Liter then you will need to have your home mitigated to remove the Radon Gas.