Heat out at Bushland Middle School

Heat out at Bushland Middle School

Bushland, TX - Some classrooms at Bushland Middle School will be a little chilly for the rest of the week.

Bushland Middle School officials noticed a leaking gas line in front of the school on Tuesday and called Atmos Energy. The company had to completely shut down the gas line to make repairs. The affected gas line goes to the seventh and eighth grade wing as well as the cafeteria, which can't serve hot food until gas is restored.

The school said it warned parents Wednesday evening about the situation and told them to have their children dress appropriately. Classrooms without heat were equipped with space heaters provided by the school district and Atmos.

"The teachers have temporary heat in their classrooms with mobile devices and that type of thing," said Bushland ISD superintendent Don Wood. "And so you walk into those classrooms and you don't hardly see any difference. The seventh and eight grade wing is a little bit cooler because it has such a vast space in there, but overall we're all comfortable."

The coldest part of the school Thursday afternoon was about 55 degrees. The coldest classroom was about 66 degrees, which is only two degrees below the normal temperature.

The school hopes to have the gas line fixed by Monday, but tells us it might take longer.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10