Extras needed for film being shot in the panhandle

Extras needed for film being shot in the panhandle

Amarillo, TX - Aspiring actors and actresses in Amarillo have the chance to make their debut in a film being shot right here in the panhandle.

A film crew will be here for several more weeks shooting the movie Revelation Road - The Black Rider, the third movie in the series.

They say Amarillo is the perfect set now they just need the extras to make it come to life.

It doesn't look like your typical Hollywood glam but the 30 person movie crew, mainly from Los Angeles, is setting up shop in Amarillo. The perfect place, producers say, to shoot this Christian-based, post-apocalypse thriller.

"Just great locations and a lot of character. And when you're looking for a film, there's different areas that makes a film have a unique feel to it," says Executive Director Jeffrey Peterson.

Amarillo's scenery isn't the only character these producers are looking for either, hundreds of local extras are needed for several scenes in the coming weeks.

"There's town scenes and you've got people doing every day life after the rapture and you want to fill it. It's not fun to just want two or three people on camera, you want them to be behind it. I makes it feel so much more real," said Peterson.

Giving you the chance to be in the movie alongside stars like James Denton from Desperate Housewives. "It's fun to just go do a movie for a few weeks and then go back home so here we are in Amarillo," says Denton.

The entire project will undoubtedly leave a mark on Amarillo. "Between the restaurants, the hotels, it's a ripple effect and then people start thinking about Amarillo as a location because there's a lot of places that you have here that just can't get just anywhere," said Peterson.

Just as much as its people will leave a mark on the crew. "It's been great, everybody has been really nice, had a lot of good food." said Denton.

"Everybody has been so wonderful in Amarillo and so nice and pleasant," added Peterson.

All extras need to be 16 years or older and you can get more information at www.katzkasting.com