Randall High School tries out new app

Randall High School tries out new app

Amarillo, TX - Randall High School has been experimenting with some new technology over the past two months.

While Randall High School has only had the School Connect App for a couple of months, staff members say it's already helping them communicate with everyone in their community.

"We have nearly 1,200 users on it and everyday it adds, it's building, it's gaining some momentum," Randall High School Principal Steve Williams said.

The App allows for communication between teachers, students and parents.

"Any teacher can set-up a group for any of their courses to communicate, anyone that wants to go in and receive communication, parents, students," Williams explained.

We're told it's even extra beneficial to teachers who also coach and run other student organizations on campus.

"It's real easy to get to the different groups, I just go to the Administrator Log In, pick the group I want, type in what I want them to know and send it," said Bob Backus who is a Teacher and Coach at Randall High School.

Principal Williams says the best part for him is being able to track all of the communication being sent out.

"For a Principal, any time you are having communication through electronic devices with your community, you really want to have record of that, and this keeps a record of that for us," Williams said.

And the App only allows for one way communication between teachers and students.

"It's a one way communication tool, you don't want kids and teachers, sponsors communicating back and forth inappropriately, prevents that from happening," Williams said.

The staff members we spoke with tell us they have received positive feedback from students.

"The ones that have given me feedback about it seem to have liked it," said Backus.

Randall High was the test school for all of Canyon ISD.

Recently Canyon High School and Junior High School began testing the app out for themselves and Canyon ISD hopes to slowly integrate the App into all of their schools in the near future.