Economic outlook for the cattle industry in 2014

Economic outlook for the cattle industry in 2014

Amarillo, TX - The future of the cattle industry for 2014 is looking bright for our area.

This past year we have seen our cattle herd decline to some of the lowest numbers since the 1950's as a result of the drought.

However, the industry is predicting a turn around and a much more steady year for ranchers in our area.

We spoke with Jason Slain from the Texas Cattle Feeders Association about what they expect to be different in 2014.

"The cattle industry here in 2014 is looking forward to a year of more normal weather conditions and feed costs that are back below historical highs and that will give us the opportunity to produce beef competitively with other regions"

Timely moisture towards the end of last year is said to have really helped out farms and ranches.

Industry experts say they expect we will see a rebuilding of the herd this year.